Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet Your RA

Hello All,

    My name is Bethany Fuller and I will be the RA (Residential Assistant) for the LLC of transfer students.  I'm from Faribault, Minnesota which for those of you who may not know where that is, is an hour south of the Twin Cities.  Here at Milwaukee I'm in my second year of Graduate School and I hope to be finishing up this year.  I'm going for my masters in Library Science with my concentration in archives.  My undergrad was at St. Cloud State University.
    This LLC is to help transfer students become familiar with with UWM campus and Milwaukee through different resources and events.  Working with this LLC is new for me because I have never down something like this before, but I look forward to learning with you all.  I can related to this community because I myself just spent last year familiarizing myself with Milwaukee having never been here before.  There are still things that I am learning, but I hope to help you as you are adjusting to this new environment.

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