Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Your RA

Hey All You Covenant Scholars!

I hope summer is winding down nicely for you. My name is McKenzie Pickett, and I will be your RA this year. I love to be active and hope you are ready to be as well. Some of the activities I like to do are kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, zumba, sports in general, volunteering, reading... if I have time..., meeting new people, going on adventures, and most things spontaneously. I cannot wait to meet all of you. Please have some ideas about what you want to do for fun this year i.e. tour around Milwaukee, fly kites as a group, etc. (You all can be way more creative than that I am sure.)

If you are not really sure what you signed up for with the Wisconsin Covenant LLC, here is what the LLC website says "The purpose of the Wisconsin Covenant Scholars LLC is to help students develop leadership skills through participation in campus activities, community service opportunities, peer, and co-curricular interactions. We want Covenant Scholars to develop a sense of belonging to the university through these types of connections. We believe that students that are engaged in a variety of activities while in school can and will experience higher academic achievement and a higher level of satisfaction."    In being a scholar, the cliff notes version of this is get ready to have fun while developing yourself and our community.

See you soon!!!

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