Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Architecture LLC Model Workshop

Architecture students put in a lot, I mean A LOT of hours on projects. With all the pressure to pour their heart and soul into these projects, the stress can build up and cause some serious distress here in the Architecture LLC community. So, with the first major project deadline quickly approaching, I decided the community needed a little help from the pros.

The first Architecture 100 project is simply referred to as "the model." Sounds simple, right? Wrong. The Model Project is responsible for hours of frustration, lost sleep, and cut fingers. Students are assigned a famous Milwaukee building and then, with almost no instruction in technique, get plans, scale them, and build the buildings with modeling materials. I wanted to have an event focused on helping the community with techniques and any other questions they had on how to successfully make their models. I invited members of the sophomore architecture studio, Giuseppe Mazzone (LLC teacher), and Joe Stefanich (LLC mentor) to Cambridge Commons to do an in house workshop on model building. The even was super successful; almost all of the LLC showed up to get some help and we had a lot of fun getting to know older students in the program (which will be helpful in the future!). 

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