Monday, November 12, 2012

HHC LLC November!

  Hope all the studying is going well. 

There are far fewer faces in the common areas thee days, and I see a bunch of the LLC residents coming and going from the study lounge (because I'm there too, gearing up for another assailment of midterm hell). Hopefully we can all muscle our way through this and look to the light at the end of the tunnel: November break! A much deserved respite for everyone is right around the corner. 

I wish everyone safe travels and an excellent time with family and friends, or just relaxing.

I would like to take a moment to direct the Blog to parents, siblings, family pets, legal guardians and other loved ones of the Healthcare LLCers. Hello, loved ones!

So as you know, loved ones, we do everything we can to inundate the LLC members with outlets for academic help, health issues, as well as social help. 
We, as a staff, can sometimes bring down such a bombardment of information on events and organizations and student associations that sometimes a lot of information goes missing in the barrage.

Loved ones, I hope you and I can makes sure that this piece of information does sink in:
Staff members are here to help! Staff members, like academic advisors in particular, are extremely dedicated to their jobs and, within reason, will do anything it takes to ensure a student's success.
(This image showed
                                                          up when I Googled 'advisor.')

One of the many great academic advisors we have in our LLC and Health Sciences College is Joel Spiess. Joel is a wonderful advisor. His advisees are kinesiology and athletic training students, but most importantly, undecided students. Undecided Students: Go talk to Joel!

Joel helps students achieve academic success by advising them on academic and career goals, undergraduate major and course/class selection, curriculum requirements, university policy and procedures, and campus support services and resources.
(Did you see what I did there-
 with the 'helping hands turkey?')

In addition, Joel serves as a liaison between the faculty and teaching staff and undergraduate students regarding program requirements, and he collaborates with the academic departments to develop and refine undergraduate student policy and procedures. He also represents the CHS Dean on numerous campus committees and engages in student affairs initiatives which provide opportunities for student engagement, success, and satisfaction.
Joel can be reached at:
Merrill Hall, Room 118

Appointments: (414) 229-2758

Phone: (414) 229-7189
Fax: (414) 229-3373

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