Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HHH Significant Member

I hope everything is going well for everyone so far. Midterms are finally over and finals are starting to creep up. More importantly though is Thanksgiving break coming up! We get to stuff ourselves full and watch some football with some much need time off of school. The Helping Hands in Healthcare LLC is having our November event on Wednesday, November 14th to help students sign up for spring classes already.
A significant person I would like to recognize in our LLC is Lana Chenoweth.  She is the Sandburg Upper North Tower Residence Life Professional Staff member that helps with the LLC. As a residence life staff member she live in the residence halls and supervises the resident assistants in upper north tower. She plays a major role in helping plan our events and is very knowledgeable. If the residence have a concern or problem she is more than willing to help them out. I think Lana has brought great input onto the team this year and has really helped us to improve our LLC. 

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