Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh the places that the Transfer LLC likes to go.........

Oh the places that the Transfer LLC likes to go.........
       Milwaukee is filled with a variety of things to do, people to see and places to go.  Oddly enough though you can find the transfer students hanging out in the lounge area of the 19th floor.  Whether it be to watch a football game or the new episode of South Park or simply sitting out there chatting about how things are going for them or doing homework.  There have been a many of late night discussions on who should be traded on the fantasy football team or movies that are a must see.  (By the way apparently Saving Private Ryan is a must see!)  The lounge has become the common area where the students enjoy hanging out.
      If the students aren't hanging out in the common area studying they can be found at the library.  The library provides them with the quiet environment in which they can focus in order to study.  In fact there has been a few questions as to why the library is not open later at night or when it doesn't open early in the mornings on the weekends.  Although the library hours aren't always what the student prefer, it doesn't stop them from making the trek across the street to the library!

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