Monday, November 19, 2012

Staying Warm!

Happy November Everyone!

As the year closes and the weather gets colder, the Honors LLC has found a few places around campus they where like to stay warm.

I often find myself wandering over to the Honors Library at the Honors House and occasionally I see the LLCers studying it up! Just today, on my way to read my meditation book before class, I ran into Lauren sitting at the table working on HW. I am happy to see them using the resources in the Honors House...and it's right across the street! How convenient!

Sam R and a few other students got together a few weeks back and formed an inter mural volleyball team. I just recently found out that their team, called the "Nuggets", play every Sunday and practice at various times during the day. If I ever venture over to the Klostche I am sure I will see them practicing there during the week...Key word "if"....

And finally, when they aren't at class, not in the honors house or practicing volleyball, I can always find   them staying warm in the lounge. The lounge is more than a place full of has become an extension of everyone's room, thus making West 2 a very warm place this winter (literally and figuratively).

As always, until next time,

West 2 Honors LLC

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