Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Month in the Innovation House...

This month in the Innovation House LLC we wrapped up the Engineering Olympics and we started our biggest program - DISCOVERY WORLD!  Even though they are only 4 weeks in, teams of students are already assembling their robots to mimic plants, aka bio-mimicry.  They are also learning video and audio editing skills as they prepare to begin putting together their video presentation of the work that they are doing.  So far every participant has really enjoyed the program and the opportunities they have to apply their engineering skills through this hands-on work.  Ashly Novander, one of the participants in the program, commented "I just really like messing around with Legos and building stuff."

The final two weeks of the Engineering Olympics featured the marshmallow bridge build and the timed water-bowl competitions.  Through four weeks of fierce competition, in which we saw many innovative designs, four competitors rose above the rest.  In third place is Becka Buckson, Tied for second are Charley Abram, and Avery Adebogun, and in first place is Kelsey Schrader!  It was a tight competition, with Avery and Charley only being one point behind Kelsey after the final event.  Finally, after four weeks of the Olympic Games, the victor's plaque arrived with the names all on it.  It will be placed up in the Innovation House during the next few weeks where it will forever be looked upon with great respect by all who see it.

Until next time!
Calvin, Kyle, and Ross.

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