Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Worry No More, Business Panthers!

Hello Business Panthers,

I hope you are enjoying your fourth month here at the beautiful University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I'm writing to you today to inform you that if you have any worries on academic advising, your worries should be put aside because academic advisor Kristin Roosevelt is here!

Kristin Roosevelt is a Senior Academic Advisor for the Lubar School of Business. She is wonderful and is your key to success! What is academic advising? Well according to UWM's Academic Advising advertisements, " Academic advising is a collaborative process between you and your advisor. Your academic advisor is a professional staff member whose purpose is to help you get the most out of your college experience. Working closely with your advisor can help you set and achieve goals, connect with campus resources, and make responsible decisions consistent with your interests, goals, abilities, and degree requirements."

If the above statement sounds like someone you'd like to take advantage of, go into Lubar today and find out who your academic advisor is! You can always request Kristin Roosevelt! Just go on in, they except walk-in appointments! All of the advisors are super friendly and really want to help you succeed at UWM!

Just a little side note, Kristin Roosevelt will be in Sandburg North Tower lounge floors 11/12 at 6pm on  November 13th, 2012! She will be talking about Academic Advising and it will be very fun and educational! In addition to Kristin, Business Panther Mentor Brian Lloyd will be there to speak to residents about his experiences with taking advantage of Academic Advising!

Attached above is a picture of my bulletin board I made speaking about Academic Advising and Kristin Roosevelt!

Stay classy,

Michael Ameel (RA)

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