Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to Reality....

Well, the Spring Semester has come upon us. Time for more homework, more lectures, more projects, more art, and more snow!

This semester, we will be mastering our craft in paper sculptures, drawing, and eventually get to the Foundations show! Maybe someone will win a scholarship. Oh, to dream!

To kick off this semester, the Art and Design LLC will be going to good old MAM After Dark at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Friday February 15th. It's a great event that can count towards your passport to the arts. This month's theme is Carnival, so there will be games, prizes, caricature drawings, and of course, awesome art.

We will be leaving from Cambridge at 530 to get on the city bus and down to the museum. Make sure Mari see's you or you take a picture of yourself so we have proof you went for your passport stamp.

Also coming up is our Screen printing event on Feb 23rd at 1pm in the Union Studio Arts and Craft Center. Designs are due Feb. 14th and then we will vote for our top two. Remember to bring your own shirt - it will be an awesome time. I promise!

Besides that, there's more to come that will surely get us through to the summer!

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