Monday, February 11, 2013

Carnival! Let's Go to the MAM!

On  Friday, February 15th, I took the residents in the Art & Design LLC to MAM After Dark. We did this quite a few times last semester, and each time, the residents really seemed to enjoy themselves. MAM After Dark is held at the Milwaukee Art Museum every month from 5pm to midnight- each time with a different theme. The theme this month is "Carnival." How fun is that?

I took residents to MAM After Dark yet again because it has shown to be a great alternative on a Friday night. The residents enjoy themselves, and this event provides a fun social event while the residents get to talk with each other, artists at the museum, and other people who are simply just excited about art. As an artist, it is always great to make connections with other people in the art world, and MAM After Dark allows for the perfect opportunity.

Also, this event draws in students who are not in the LLC. Since it is a public event, any residents are able to join. When other residents see all of us going to the Milwaukee Art Museum, they get interested and the LLC residents are able to provide others with information about the LLC. Not to mention, in the LLC class, the residents are all asked to attend at least one art event each month as a part of the participation grade. This event is an easy and fun way to help them to get credit and be academically successful!

Overall, this event has proved to be a hit in the past, so we will continue to attend. I'm excited to get the group together and out of the Residents Halls again. It seems to have been far too long since we have all had a fun outing together!

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