Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MAM After Dark: Dead Man's Carnival

Once every month, on a Friday night, the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) hosts an after-hours event entitled "MAM After Dark" in which various entertainment, food, drink, as well as the regular art collections are open to the public. The event, hosted at the Milwaukee Art Museum (700 North Art Museum Drive) from 5pm-Midnight, is themed differently every month. The theme for this month's MAM After Dark is "Dead Man's Carnival" and features various vaudeville traditions including jugglers, magicians,  and stilt walkers to bring you back to the "heart of show business."

The event opens at 5pm this upcoming Friday February 15th, when the museum normally closes, and will feature various arts and crafts activities to take part in until the performers start meandering around at 7:30pm and eventually performing on stage at 10:15pm. Bringing in a local artist, Anne Harvey will have a caricature station to humorously encapsulate your night! To learn more about this talented artist visit her website.

The Art & Design LLC has made MAM After Dark a regular event for residents to hang out together outside of the Residence Halls where they can continue to engage in artistic and creative opportunities without the stress of their art being for a grade. The students in the LLC are also required to attend at least one event per month for their 3D Concepts class and MAM After Dark counts towards this requirement. This requirement appears, from last semester's 2D class requirement, to be easy enough for students to fulfill and allows them the opportunity to engage with a multitude of art and artists outside of the classroom. 

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