Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Movie Viewing: The Lorax

This past Friday our LLC had a movie viewing night on our floor in Sandbrug, the movie we watched was The Lorax. The reason why this movie was chosen is because it looks at the dangers of pollution to planet and to human's personal health. It also has a few great messages that can be taken from it, the most important to me being, unless people care it will be difficult to make changes for the better, be it for the environment or the individual's own personal growth. Aside for the really deep meaning that the story had at its heart the movie also had some rather entertaining parts, such as the many musical numbers.

Overall the movie has is pretty amusing and offers a very interesting way to begin to consider the effects of human actions on the environment as well as to open a dialog about possible actions that can be taken into to help change the environment for the better

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