Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome Back Business Panthers!

Hey Everyone! Welcome Back!

I am extremely excited to be apart of the business panthers LLC this semester. We will be doing a welcome back event in the form of having one of the Business Fraternities come in and do some activities with our residents and see if they are interested in joining.

This is a really great opportunity for our residents because Business Fraternities allow you to network with students, faculty, and employers! Our residents can be guided along by members who have been in their shoes and gone places they want to go.

Even if our residents do not want to join, it will still give them the idea of networking and getting involved in the business community. 

This will continue to help our residents see that there is more you need to do than going to class if you want to be successful in the business world. They need to learn that it is valuable to know many people and to have made good impressions on a wide group of people.

I am not only interested but excited to see how this event turns out, I have a strange feeling I might end up joining myself!

Until next time,

Resident Assistant Alec Just. 

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