Friday, April 19, 2013

Check Out Discovery World in Milwaukee!

Discovery World

                Discover.  What an interesting word!  To me it means finding out something unexpectedly without previously knowing about it.  If you have been to Discovery World in Milwaukee Wisconsin, you know exactly what I mean.  What a cool place!  Where ever you look and turn, you are always finding something new that builds your curiosity.

                From the miniature Milwaukee water exhibits emphasizing conservation to the nail bed should you decide to see how lucky you are, there is never a dull moment.  Not forgetting about their movie screens, interactive robot and sound exhibits, and large aquariums where you can pet the fish and SHARKS, you could spend the whole day there!  I can’t even begin to describe everything in Discovery World because they’re still waiting for me to discover them.  Oh yeah, and they feature a life sized replica of an old sailing boat ship that you can go in!
                From the perspective of the Science and Innovation House LLC, students of UWM including myself have spent a bunch of time there over the past few years designing and building robots that utilize bio-mimicry.  How cool is that!?  The most amazing thing about my robot was that it fired an exploding cucumber…
                And with discounts for students, it can be a great way to spend a rainy Saturday!  Or better yet, go on a sunny day and walk on some of the piers and great paths that surround Discovery World protruding into the great lake and coastline where it is located.

                I’ll leave you with this thought, if you want to learn something new and make some Discoveries, you won’t be disappointed, go to Discovery World.  Experience it.

Signing off is your Mentor,

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