Friday, April 5, 2013

Have You Heard of SHAC's Arts Committee!?

Have you heard of the Student Housing Administrative Council, more commonly known as "SHAC"?This year, SHAC started an Arts Committee that is open to all students in the residents halls. The idea was that, since it's the year of the arts, SHAC wanted to open a student committee to plan ways to incorporate more art into the residents halls.

The Arts Committee is hoping to get residents to paint murals yet this year to be put in the residence halls, so get involved right away! It a great opportunity to get your artwork to be shown publicly and it is also something you can leave behind in your residents hall for people in future years to remember you by.

Chris Laabs is the current student leader of the group, so you can contact him with any questions you may have at "" Also, you can feel free to sit in on a SHAC council meeting. There are councils on both south and north campus and there should be information about meetig times posted in your community.

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