Monday, April 22, 2013

Leadership Opportunities

applicationAs the semester comes to a close it is important to get involved in leadership roles around campus. A great way to understand more about the UWM community and campus is to become a campus ambassador. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus Ambassadors (CAs) are a prestigious group of students who are called upon for their leadership and contributions to the life and culture of the University. CAs participate in a variety of campus activities, initiatives, and mentoring designed to enhance the experience of all new students, help achieve the University’s goals, and further promote its schools, colleges and other campus units.

  • To better connect new students to UWM during Orientations
  • To provide positive mentoring to new students throughout the academic year.
  • To contribute a sense of UWM community, pride, spirit and tradition.
  • To provide student perspective and leadership in shaping UWM campus initiatives.
  • To represent the best of UWM at on and off-campus UWM sponsored activities and functions.
This program is a great way to get involved with the campus and build your leadership skills. As a CA you will be exposed to all aspects of the campus and be able to network with the community. This is an outstanding leadership role that will not only help the students but benefit young leaders in the future.

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