Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sharing a Language

This semester the ASL LLC has about 20 members.  This year, there are quite a few residents that are part of the West 3/4 community (where the ASL LLC is located), but are not LLC members. For this reason, the ASL LLC will be putting on an event to encourage other members of the West 3/4 community to learn more about Deaf Culture and ASL.  We will be showing residents how to fingerspell their names, count from 1-10, and how to sign basic phrases such as “What’s your name?”, “How are you?”, and “Nice to meet you.”  Also, to give others an idea of what Deaf Culture really is, we are also planning to meet our new LLC Advisor, Pam, as well as play some Deaf games.

This event will take place right in our community.  The goal of this event is not only to expose other community members to ASL, but to also give the LLC residents a feel for what our annual event “Talk to the Hands” is all about.  “Talk to the Hands” is an event much like what we are planning for this month, but is instead open to all of University Housing residents.  This month’s event will allow LLC members to start thinking about and planning for the “Talk to the Hands” event. Hopefully, it will also get more people interested and aware of Deaf Culture. We are hoping to build an even stronger community right here on West 3/4 and with the ASL LLC.

~RA Leah

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