Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Event: The 24 Hour Film Competition

The biggest event that we do every year for the Film, Video, and New Genres LLC is our 24 Hour Film Competition.  Every year we ask our residents to form multiple groups that compete with each other to make short films based around a series of Obstructions, or limitations, that we have developed.  This year, our residents were given six obstructions.

1: The title of every short is “The Petrified Hostess”
2: All of the shorts are of the Neo-Noir genre.
3: None of the shorts can depict murder
4: A donut must appear in every short
5: Residence Halls, Pick ‘N Save, and Mitchell Hall (where they attend most classes) cannot be used
6: All shorts must be in color

Four films were made.  Two films won top prizes but in a first for the Film LLC every film came home with an award.

Links to the films are below!


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