Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'll meet you at the Crossroads!

As the semester winds down I'd like to talk about the final program we had with the Crossroads LLC.
We've had a great year and our final trip was the icing on the cake.

The Crossroads LLC took a final trip to Milwaukee's Discovery World to check out the Les Paul House of the Sound.

The Les Paul Exhibit House of Sound is an interactive exhibit that houses the world's largest collection of Les Paul artifacts and allows Discovery World visitors to contributions Les Paul has made to contemporary music.

Below you can read about the experience from one of the Crossroad LLC members, Chris Crittenden.

This was my favorite automaton.
On Sunday May 6th, My RA took me and my LLC to Discovery World. When I first heard this is where we were going, I didn't think that I would have had as much fun as I did. One of the first things that we did was play around with some really cool machines called Automatons, which were in the form of really funny scenes. I was able to get a picture of some of my favorites.

Anna touching a sting ray!

Then, we went to the aquarium area of the museum, which turned out to be my favorite area. The aquarium housed many gigantic tanks filled with many exotic fish that I had never seen before. I think my favorite tank was the one with the small jelly fish in them. Another thing that was really cool in the aquarium was the sting ray tank, where you could actually touch one of the sting rays. I had never touched one before so it was a really awesome experience. 

After that we toured the upstairs area, which had many interesting exhibits that showed various ways that water can be saved by reducing the amount we use for showers and things like that. I must say it was very informative.

The last thing that we did was visit the Les Paul exhibit, which housed many cool looking guitar, and had a various hands on activities to demonstrate sound. 
Overall, I am very happy that I got to visit Discovery World because without this field trip, I probably would have never discovered it on my own.

- Chris Crittenden, 
Crossroads LLC Member, May 2013

I hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences at Discovery World!

As always, we'll meet you at the Crossroads!

RA Sylvia Yang
Crossroads LLC, May 2013

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