Monday, May 6, 2013

Lightspeed Entertainment

This semester, some of the LLC's from Cambridge went to Ligthspeed Entertainment in Greenfield, WI for a night of laser tag, go karting, and arcade games. My favorite was the go kart races, as I don't get to drive much in Milwaukee, it was fun to be behind a wheel again, and even better to be racing! But be careful, don't bump into the sidelines too often or the race will end and your opponents will want revenge.

They have a Mon-Thurs. daily special of $25 all you can play.
$9 gets you one go Kart race 
$20 combos for 1 go kart race + 2 laser tag games. 

Location:  4251 S 27th St. Greenfield, WI 

To take a bus (takes 1 hour):
Walk to North and Newhall
Get on 21 bus towards Mayfair
Get off at N27 and North
Get on 27 bus towards College
Get off at S27 and Bolivar
You're there!

Visit their website:

*Shout out to RA Shayla for planning the awesome event!

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