Monday, May 13, 2013

Phi Alpha Theta!

Hi All!

Looking to get involved? Like history? Join Phi Alpha Theta the history honor society!

This is a great opportunity to get involved on campus and in history! I am currently the vice-president and will be the president next year. I am working on some great opportunities for our members!

To join, all you need is 12 history credits, a 3.1 in history credits taken, and a 3.0 overall. You also don't have to be a history major! The last thing you'll need is a 40 dollar payment for lifetime membership! Being in an honor society looks great on applications and provides great networking opportunities.

Some of the things we are working on (hopefully) for next year are a "geek week". This will be a week of honor societies promoting themselves and having some fun activities to learn about the organizations!

We are also hoping to host a regional Phi Alpha Theta conference. In addition, we will be having our third annual Phi Alpha Theta conference next year as well. These all are great opportunities to get involved and add to a resume!

If you want to get involved feel free to email me, Brianna, at!

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