Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Year of Community

This year, the Peck School of the Arts Foundations theme was Art and community. This theme carried on not only on campus, but in our Art and Design LLC as well.

In the fall, the students created a collaborative piece about the Milwaukee river's impact on the community, and the community's impact on the river. The students did research and created smaller paintings that were joined together into a larger piece. Then the large painting was copied and made into a banner that is now displayed on a previously blank wall next to Riverview Residence Hall.

This spring semester we completed our service learning project by helping LLC professor Raoul Deal install his latest show at the Latino Arts Center. We were able to give back to a professor who began the LLC and made our community possible!

Another thing we did this spring was our 2nd Annual Spring Arts LLC Expo. We collaborated with the  UWM Film community to put up an exhibition in Cambridge featuring the Film LLC's short films, and the Art and Design LLC's paper sculptures.

The Riverview and Cambridge Art and Design communities also joined together and took our annual trip to Chicago. We explored the Chicago Institute of Art, the National Museum of Mexican Art, and China town.

Throughout the semester we've created our own community in the residence halls through events like MAM After Dark, eating dinner together, go karting, holiday decorating, and more.

As this batch of Art students leaves the LLC and new ones prepare to come in, I hope the students realize what a great experience they've been given and always appreciate the community they were, and always will be a part of.

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