Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Year of the Arts

As you all must know, this year was the Year of the Arts, and with the amazing residents and staff that made up the Art&Design LLC this year, this title has proved to be more than just accurate. Throughout he year, the Art&Design LLC has gotten the opportunity to learn about the RiverWest community, the Latino community, the community that works with the restoration of the River, the Milwaukee art community as a whole, and even a bit of some of the communities in Chicago.

Each resident this year has learned a lot about the art and artists around them, but also about him/herself as an artist and the role that he/she plays in his/her own community. The residents were first able to simply meet some students with the common interest of art, but also were able to connect with other artists as well as the greater Milwaukee community and the Art Department's staff here, at UWM. The residents were able to display work in what was the first exhibit for many of them. They got to see the work of other's while working to improve their own abilities and play off of their own strengths. Overall, the LLC was successful in getting students engaged within their own community as well as the communities around them.

I have learned a lot from my LLC residents this year. My residents have kept me sane through all of my art classes more than anyone, and being able to work with such an amazing group of young adults has been an incredible experience. I got to know each resident as an artists as well as an individual, and each one has strengths and knowledge that each and every one of my residents has passed on to me and helped me grow. Our community has been strong in that everyone has supported everyone else in the group and worked together to get through the year. The Art&Design LLC truly helped make this year live up to the title of the Year of the Arts, and I am truly grateful for everyone who made this year into what an amazing experience it has turned out to be.

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