Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Year, Gone.

Another Year, gone.
The Film, Video, and New Genres LLC has simply gotten bigger this year, and that’s a very good thing.  We had a higher attendance rate than ever before, more events, the largest turn out for the 24 hour film competition ever (and its first time screening in flicks), and not one but THREE of our residents got their work into the Student Film and Video Festival at the end of the second semester.  Our residents are creating some fantastic work in their classes, some of which we screened at a recent expo, and more that will inevitably pop up on Youtube or Vimeo.
While it is great to look back though, it is also important to look forward.  I have learned that the ambitions of film students only grow as the years go by and as such the LLC will be growing as well next year in preparation for an entirely new group of ambitious young filmmakers.  Our LLC strives to be an area where students can begin to foster relationships that are both meaningful and useful as friendships become co-working relationships.
There are plenty of moments that were wonderful, such as the aforementioned 24 hour film competition and getting a large group of students a chance to see an awesome live performance of the Alloy Orchestra, but the best moments were simply when our students got together to just enjoy the day together, watching a random French romance film together that many had not seen before, just because they wanted to spend time with each other.

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