Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catch some rays @ Bradford Beach!

One fun activity that students and my really enjoy is going to Bradford Beach when it is nice out, especially during the spring. When the weather is nice there are normally a ton of people at the beach playing Frisbee, football, volleyball, or just catching some sun and relaxing

I    I think that this is cool because it is something that doesn't cost you a dollar for an evening of fun. We are college students and most of us are pretty short on cash so its nice to find a way to have some safe fun for free. I know at Cambridge and Riverview Halls you can rent out think like footballs and Frisbees to use so you don't even need to buy or have one.

I    It is also really easy to get the beach. If you live in Sandburg you can catch the shuttle over to Kennelworth and just walk right down North Ave. past Columbia St. Mary's Hospital  to get there. Riverview, Cambridge can walk right down the street to get there. 

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