Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creating Your Future- Recap

This has been a wild and crazy year filled with tons of fun memories.  The Creating Your Future LLC did a lot of exploring this year in many aspects of our lives.  The community members learned how to live independent and started to on their journey to their unique career path.  Many community members made lots of connections and have networked through out the community making livelong friendships.  

I just wanted to highlight a few fun events we had this year.  We had some great gatherings together starting off with our Packer game party in the beginning of the year were we came around a common interest and the start of many friendships started.  We had a great game night where community members learned how to work on a team together and showed some of our competitive sides.  Last semester we had so much fun learning about a great resource in our greater Milwaukee community the Urban Ecology center.  Community members helped clean and beautify a local park and outdoor classroom and also volunteered with the centers annual fundraiser.  Ending the year off right we had a great round table discussion where we gathered and discussed our future career paths and our goals for the future.  

This has been a great year and I want to thank everyone for the great memories!!!!  

Good Luck to everyone in their future adventures :) 

Have a great summer and keep in touch!!!!

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