Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet the Architecture LLC Crew

From left to right: RA Wyatt, Mentor Jess, RA Lindsey

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Architecture LLC! We have a lot of fun and exciting things in store for you this year. This blog will serve as a way to keep tabs on the happenings in our community and show others how great LLC life can be.

Meet the people you will be working with this year!

Resident Assistant Lindsey Wavrunek (CC 667)

Hometown: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Year: Junior
Major/Interest: Architectural Design and Sustainability

Hey guys! I'm Lindsey, I'll be your R.A. and resource for the year.  I've wanted to be an architect for most of my childhood.  As others grew up on Nickelodeon, I found myself indulged in TLC's Flip that House, Trading Spaces, and other architectural related television programs.  When people ask me why I want to become an architect, I tell them it's because I want to die knowing I took someone's breath away.  I literally get the goosebumps from cool architectural design.  I then found I had a love of sustainable design in high school when I chose to write my Extended Essay for the IB Programme on the topic "Sustainable Architecture--How Sustainable is it Really?"  If you ever want to read it, it's only about 26 pages long.  
As you're going through your projects and architectural studies this year, use me as a resource! I was in your spot about a year ago, and am more than willing to lend you the knowledge I have.  You can find me in room 667 in Cambridge, or via email: 

Resident Assistant Wyatt Tinder (CC 627)

Hometown: Janesville, Wisconsin
Year: Sophomore
Major/Interest: Studio Art (Digital Studio Practice) and Journalism (Minor)

Hey everyone! I'm Wyatt and I am your RA. I'm study art and also participate in undergraduate research here at UWM.  While I was not originally assigned to be an Architecture LLC RA, I'm very excited to be working with all of you this year! Last year, I was in the Art and Design LLC in Cambridge, so I know how amazing and fun the experience can be. Use each other as a resource - you are all in classes together, so help each other out and be actively engaged in the learning process. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Keep in mind, I am not an architecture major, so major-specific questions should be directed toward Lindsey or Jess. That said, I'm excited to learn about architecture along with all of you.

Peer Mentor Jess Yester (Student Success Center)

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Year: Junior
Major/Interest: Architecture and Spanish (Minor)

Howdy everybody!  I'm Jess, and I'll be the Peer Mentor for the Architecture LLC this year!  I myself am an LLC alum from way back in 2011when it was in its first year, so I know that living in Cambridge and the LLC is simply the bee's knees.  While I don't have the convenience of living in Cambridge this year, you'll find me roaming around on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I can also be found in the Student Success Center in Bolton 120 during my office hours, and if I'm not in either of those places, chances are I'm in studio so feel free to pop in for a spell!  
This is my second year as a mentor, so I know my way around UWM's resources.  On top of that, I also drive for Be On the Safe Side (B.O.S.S.), so you just might be able to find me there too!  In my free time I enjoy playing piano, ukulele, guitar, keytar, accordion and singing...basically anything music related.  
For any pressing issues I can be reached at  I'm looking forward to a splendid year with you all!

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