Friday, August 30, 2013

September 1st Introduction (Jonathan Rooney & Haley Correll) Healthcare LLC

Hello, my name is Haley Correll and I am a first year RA for Sandburg South 12. My hometown is in Random Lake, Wisconsin. It’s a small redneck town with a population of only about 1500 people. I moved there from Milwaukee when I was nine and continued living there until I graduated high school. I am currently a sophomore at UWM and I am majoring in radiologic technology. I will be applying for my clinicals this fall to hopefully be accepted for the 2015 fall semester. This year I am part of the Health Sciences LLC, where all students’ part of the College of Health Sciences are encouraged to participate in. My freshman year at UWM I myself was part of the Helping Hands in Healthcare LLC where I grew as an individual academically and socially. I enjoyed meeting new friends who were of the same major or taking similar classes. It really helped me to form study groups with the people I lived with and I made great friends.

Hi there, my name is Jonathan Rooney and I also am a first year Resident Assistant for Sandburg’s South tower, eleventh floor. I grew up in a small town of approximately 5,000 people; so as you might assume transitioning to the city of Milwaukee was a culture shock. Growing up in Evansville I worked several cashier positions at gas stations/ local businesses and I am also a certified lifeguard. I am a sophomore at UWM majoring in the field of Nursing. Ideally I would like to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). The eleventh floor of South Tower contains the nursing LLC where a blend of students (most of which are majoring in the field of nursing) share common experiences through taking similar courses and possessing similar interests. So far I have loved my experience with the nursing LLC because I have gotten to work with professional academic advisors and staff from Cunningham hall that have provided me with the necessary insight to help my residents remain successful. 

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