Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Business Panther RA on the Prowl!

Meet RA Emily, a fellow Business Panther LLC RA!

My name is Emily and I'm a sophomore here at UW Milwaukee. I'm from Two Rivers Wisconsin, home of the ice cream sundae, where I graduated from Two Rivers High School. I am majoring in the JAMS program (Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies) here at UWM, with a focus in Advertising and Public Relations. I also am working towards a minor in ASL. My hopes are to one day run an entire ad campaign focused on deaf culture, run entirely in ASL print ad's and commercial advertisements.

Living in the Business Panther LLC last year made my freshman year exciting and rewarding, so I am very glad to be back in the LLC this year as an RA to help my residents have a similar experience. I am looking forward to getting to know my residents, as well as getting to know more about myself through this job.

Residents in our LLC will have the advantage of having a class with other business majors, to hopefully create lasting friendships, relationships, and references in their lives, as well as to ensure the success in a class they all take together. Working together as an LLC should be a beneficial expierence in all aspects and I can't wait to kick off this year into full drive.

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