Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Your Mentor: Global Village!


My name is Maggie Iken and I will be mentoring two communities within the Global Village. I will be working with Beyond Borders with RA Anna and L2F2: Languages, Literature, Film, and Food with RA Mercedes. This is my third year as a mentor for LLCs!

Some things about myself! I am a senior majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Russian. I've switched my major a few times and can tell you it is still possible to graduate in 4 years even after changing your course of study! I'm originally from Green Bay, I am an avid Packers fan, and I have a fantasy football team. This past summer, I went to New York for a month with our Political Science department and studied at the United Nations. It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone, especially students in the Global Village.

Me in the room where the Security Council meets
I can't wait to help out with event planning for the students living in the communities! This year will be great!

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