Sunday, September 15, 2013

People of SARUP: Sharadha Natraj

(Right) Sharadha Natraj, (Left) Pounce

Sharadha Natraj has been working as the Special Librarian in the SARUP Resource Center since February, 2001 and was appointed as the Executive Assistant to the Dean in June, 2010.

The Resource Center is located on the South end of the Architecture and Urban Planning building in room 146.  It holds computers with scanning stations, a copying machine, and an extensive book and image library.

Sharadha has an impressive knowledge of the Resource Center's collection and is especially skilled in researching topics in various fields of architecture.

Along with serving as the Special Librarian for the Resource Center, Sharadha also plans events for the School of Architecture and Urban Planning and offers support for the Dean.

Sharadha is an excellent resource for our Architecture LLC students as they work on various research and modeling projects in their intro classes.

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