Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tyler Diedrick's September Introduction

Hi, my name is Tyler Diedrick and I will be the mentor for the Introduction to Business LC course that has discussions on Fridays from 9-9:50 am. This will actually be my first year as a mentor with the Student Success Center, however, I do have an abundance of mentoring/tutoring experience with the Big Brothers Big Sisters and America Reads Programs. In those programs I worked primarily with elementary students, so I am excited to now be a mentor for my peers as well!

I'm originally from Chilton, WI, which is a small town on the eastern side of Lake Winnebago about an hour and a half north of Milwaukee. The 2013-14 school year will be my junior year and 3rd year here at UWM as well. I am in the School of Business here with an Information Technology Management Major (ITM). My major is definitely one that is under-represented in the business school among freshman. So, if you are a business student, but aren't sure about an exact major, I will gladly provide any information about ITM you would like. Another program I am involved with is the Business Scholars program, which is for high-achieving business students. Do well in classes your freshman year and the scholars program may just be a great opportunity for you starting your sophomore year!

To attempt at putting a face to a name, if any of you attended the pep rally during your Fall Welcome Day, I was Pauly D in the Jersey Shore skit. Here is a picture of our crew (I am the one on the far right).

Feel free to come to me with any of your questions or concerns and I'll gladly help you out! Looking forward to meeting you all.


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