Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your School of Rock LLC RA

Hey everybody! Welcome to the School of Rock LLC! My name is Megan Braunschweig and I am your RA in Cambridge 3rd Floor, West. I am from Lebanon, WI and I grew up on a farm there. We have lots of land and have a beautiful view of the surrounding fields and marsh. Moving to Milwaukee for school last year was a big adjustment but I love living in the city almost (but not quite!) as much as Lebanon. 

I am currently a sophomore and I am a music major in the Peck School of the Arts here at UWM. Last year as a freshman, I lived in the Music LLC in Sandburg. Now, I am here in Cambridge Commons as the RA for the School of Rock LLC. Its a bit different than the Music LLC which focuses more on music majors. The School of Rock can be enjoyed by both the accomplished musician and music enthusiast as it covers some of the history of popular music and literature in America from within the last century. I expect to learn a lot from everyone in the LLC taking the class and to expand my knowledge and appreciation of many different kinds of music!

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