Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Art is Seriously the Way to Start -- Gallery Night

As a 26 year tradition, Gallery Night, is one of Milwaukee’s best known art events. It consists of over 50 different venues and even more artists being featured. Since this is such an amazing opportunity the Art and Design LLC couldn’t resist and just had to make sure we went. 

The purpose of this event was to see and experience different Milwaukee artist’s work. Being able to see people who put their artistic dreams into a reality and have amazing showings on nights like Gallery Night was important for the students. This event is first to help encourage students to explore Milwaukee and its art community, but secondly to encourage the students in the realm of their intended career path. It not only shows them it can be done, but seeing other art work can always help inspire artists in their own work and creations.  

Friday, October 18th, RA Mari, Mentor Claire, RA Wyatt, RA Kaivahn, RA Nick, Danny, Katrina, Mazie, and Savanna went to explore Gallery Night. We started off at the Faculty Show “Sum Total” and then went to the Historic Third Ward Marshall Building. It was also a great time for the RA’s and me a Mentor. Having 4 out of the 5 of us being art students, it was also an encouraging event for us. It did produce artistic discussion and community between all who went. I believe this event will encourage the Art and Design LLC students to become comfortable exploring different artistic events throughout the Milwaukee area, and through this they can bring the information back to the residence halls to share with all of the other students. 

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