Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LLC Honorable Mention

In September, I would like to bring to attention Laurie Marks, the professor of the Ed Pol 315 class. The members of the Wisconsin Covenant Scholars LLC all take this class and I have heard good things about it from them. This is my first semester that I have worked with Laurie, but I am glad to have the opportunity. Laurie is a great example of a leader. As the professor, she is a great example to the residents in her class every time they have a lecture. She also applies her leadership abilities outside the classroom in the CCBLR center. She is a great resource to the residents as they become interested in using their own talents in the community as well. The Wisconsin Covenant Scholars LLC is based around residents that are interested in community leadership. Being a leader in the community is one of the responsibilities that the residents have before joining the LLC and earning their Scholarship. I am glad that the members of the LLC have such a good role model as they develop their own leadership skills throughout their college career. 

Here is a picture from the leadership retreat from earlier in month. Laurie is in the front row furthest to the right. 

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