Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet Evelyn Ang!

I have chosen to talk about the Professor of the LLC Evelyn Eng. This is my second year working with her and it has been a pleasure. Evelyn is one of those teachers that makes you rethink about what you know about college and its methods during her classes. I have been lucky enough to talk a couple of them with her. One thing that i feel i have learned a great amount about myself and others is in what she calls the peace making circle. You sit around in circle with your class mates and you learn so much about them by doing this, every class i have taken with her, or someone has taken with, has said it felt almost like a small family. Evelyn is well educated in both business and law. she works as a mediator for the courts in Milwaukee and has the ability to teach so much to others. i personally believe that any one would really benefit from talking a class with Evelyn.

I truly feel that residents cal learn a lot from her, i know i have. she is able to teach you so much about yourself, as well as how to really look at how you see conflict. Talking classes with her makes you look over so many conflicts from the past and go, "Wow, i wish i had known that then." Not to mention what you wish you knew, you talk and apply it to everything. The ability learn from Evelyn is not only possible, it is impossible not to.

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