Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Significant LLC Person

Our Transfer LLC is a little unique in the sense that we do not have a traditional LLC class or stakeholder for our LLC. So when thinking about which person really represents our LLC best, I could think of no one better than the LLC member themselves!

I handed out sticky notes to my residents the other night as we sat in the lounge and asked them to write something about the LLC, what they liked about the LLC, or any general comment they had about living in the Transfer community. They were all more than happy to share their thoughts...!

 "I like everyone on my floor because they make me feel welcome" - Danielle

"We do stuff all together as a big floor group!" -Devin

"We get to do many activities as a floor." - Ryan

"I like how close the entire floor is. I like how easy RA Kelly is to talk to and how we all do floor activities" -Gina

"It took less than a day to meet everyone and only a week for all of us to know one another. Now, everyone is a family and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world." - John

The members of this LLC are really what holds this community together. We are all ready and willing to support each other and lend a hand where needed. For many of my residents, the LLC is where they made their first connections to UWM.

One of the first days after the Transfer LLC moved in to the residence halls, we took a trip down to the beach! Here is everyone enjoying the hot weather and cool water!

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