Monday, November 25, 2013

An Outing to Danceworks

On Thursday November 21st, several members of the Dance LLC went to see the Danceworks show Intersect. The theme was collaboration, thus including a variety of local artists in one show.

As described in earlier blog posts, Danceworks is formed by many members of UWM faculty and graduates. It was refreshing for students to witness their professor Dani Kuepper and Melissa Anderson in a context outside of the learning environment as well as experiencing how life after UWM may be like.

Above: Soon to be UWM graduate, Gina Laurenzi

The Thursday night the students went to see the show, it happened to be so that their fellow class mate, Quinn Dixon was subbing for a company member. I'm sure that was another source of inspiration and motivation for the students.

 Left: UWM faculty Melissa Anderson, Right: UWM graduate Christal Wagner

Steve Schlei generating music from an iPad/TC-11

The students thoroughly enjoyed the show and indicated that they would love to attend another Danceworks performance.

Next semester, the Dance LLC would like to go to another show possibly in Chicago to enhance their exposure to different dance forms even more.

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