Monday, November 11, 2013

Social Justice LLC Event Update!

Hello! This is RA Anna from the Social Justice LLC in West Tower! These past months we have had some great events geared towards community and getting to know others in the community. In September, we had an LLC mixer to hang out and generate ideas about what our LLC is interested in and how I would be the most helpful. The LLC narrowed down a few populations of interest to work with, low income population and youth. We are working on learning of and accessing volunteer opportunities for the rest of the semester, hopefully the RAKathon will be one!
This month we had the Rob from the history department come in and show a film in Flicks as a supplement to the LLC class. This was a great opportunity that LLC instructor Kim organized to allow students to interact with another academic resource who is very knowledgeable about social justice. The Social Justice LLC has just only started, I am so excited to see where the rest of the semester takes us!

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