Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet New Business LLC RA, Colleen!

Hi Business Panthers! I'm one of your new RAs, Colleen.
(I'm on the left with Business LLC RA Nishant in the middle and 
Journalism LLC RA Katie on the right) 
I'm a senior at UWM majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a law studies focus and honors. Although I am not a business student, my summer job is as a manager at Saz's Festivals. Working as a manager has given me some experience in the business world by doing things like: hiring employees, handling tax paperwork, and scheduling. 
I'm from Milwaukee and attended DSHA for high school. I love the city and am a great resource if you are looking for good restaurants or things to do. My job at festivals also allows me to attend all the great festivals in the summer, so if you are looking for events in the summer let me know! 
I used to be an RA on the 16th floor, but moved down to 570 at semester. Stop in and say hi! I'm super involved in student organizations on campus, so if you are interested in joining or starting a student organization you can ask me about the process. 
I look forward to meeting you! 

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