Thursday, February 13, 2014

Study Hard, Play Hard-Welcome Back Honors House!

To the readers of this blog,

We are back! It's been a couple of weeks since Spring semester began and the semester couldn't be busier. What with all the concerts, valentine's day plans, back-to-school socials, study sessions and floor dinner dates this semester is off to a great start!
UWM Winter Basketball game
I am really excited for this semester in all honesty. Last semester was great, but this semester is going to be great! I have a bunch of ideas for events and I plan on getting my residents outside to enjoy all that UWM and Milwaukee has to offer!
Getting ready for the photo booth at the UWM Basketball Game
Before we do that though, my plan is to focus on academics. "Study hard, play hard" is the "self-proclaimed motto for this semester. Every Monday this semester from 7-9pm I am holding "study sessions" - residents can do homework, ask for help, or just sit and read with their RA who, let's be real, needs to get her homework done too.

For Valentine's Day we are having "Hot and Cold" themed events. On the 13th the floor and I will be decorating cookies and cards - cookies for us and cards for those serving in the military - and on the 16th we will be making hand-warmers before we go ice skating!
Pokemon movie hang-out in the lounge
 Like I said, I am excited for this semester. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures so tune in next time!!

Until then..."study hard, play hard"

RA Hannah (RA-nnah)

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