Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adventure is Out There: Exploring Milwaukee with the Global Village

Hey Global Villagers!

Even though we are an internationally focused LLC, we still love having adventures around Milwaukee.

Our group at Alem Ethiopian Village
One of my personal favorite things about Milwaukee is the food.

In October, the Global Village was lucky enough to take a trip to Alem Ethiopian Village. We were able to meet the owner and try out 6 different dishes. We learned that the traditional way to eat Ethiopian food is with your hands. The food comes on a platter of injera, a spongy bread, with dollops of the main dish on top. You use your hands to tear a strip of injera and pinch some food (Click here for a video on how to make and eat injera). It was a great experience, and eating "family style" brought us all closer-- literally and figuratively.

Rock Climbing at Turner Hall
As part of the LLC course, our residents also got to go rock climbing. They piled on a bus with their professor, Aims McGuinness, and LLC Mentor Natalie and went to Turner Hall. Turner Hall is a local treasure. It was orginally built as a gymnasium in the 1800's but now serves as a National Historical Landmark, music venue, and rock climbing gym.

Next month, we've been offered the chance to volunteer and help Milwaukee's roller derby league, the Brewcity Bruisers, with one of their bouts.

The sport is growing in Milwaukee, selling out the US Cellular Arena. Milwaukee even hosted the WFTDA world championships this past November. Teams and fans from London, Dublin, the Bay Area, Toronto, Tenessee, New York, and more all came to the cream city.

Here is a photo of me (I'm in the middle) at championships, completely geeking out that I was mere feet away from 3 time world champions, Gotham Girls All-Stars.
As a former rollergirl (I went by Dollie Darko), I'm so excited to show you all the wonderful sport and culture of roller derby, as well as do some awesome volunteer work with the league.

Talk to you soon!

-RA Mercedes

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