Monday, March 10, 2014

A.I.A.S.:Wanna touch the sky? We'll build to it.

"The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is the voice of students to the educational system and the profession of architecture and design in North America–and beyond. The association helps to build interest and enrich the educational experience of students (of all ages) and others in architecture and design.” 
AIAS teamed with the Office of Sustainability and Peck to create this "jungle", on display in SARUP

All Architecture students have an opportunity to join AIAS.  Through this organization, underclassmen get paired with an upperclassman through the MentArch program.  Upperclassmen also have the opportunity to be paired with a professional in the field as a Mentor.  AIAS holds events, brings in special guest speakers, holds tutorials and assistance to students, and helps fund different events within SARUP. Here are photos from different AIAS events and gatherings:

"Sand Castles" competition kicks off each new academic year for AIAS

 Students are encouraged to travel the country, going to AIAS conferences. It’s a great opportunity to connect with professionals in the field and gain access to resources.  AIAS is the student version of AIA—the organization to which famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright are members. 

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