Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Are we going to be on scared straight?" Social Welfare trip to the Milwaukee House of Corrections

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a blast at jail! Touring the Milwaukee House of Corrections has been one of my favorite trips that we have taken so far. We were able to learn about future jobs in criminal justice and social work. And I know that a lot of you were excited to meet someone from the K-9 unit. So many of the officers were able to answer your questions and really go into depth about their daily duties. 

I also thought that jail originally started out as a work camp was very interesting. Workers would tend to the aches of fields and harvest the crops. And who knew that the oldest building there has the same architecture as Alcatraz because it was build around the same time. 
Overall the trip was amazing but I think the best part was how much the superintendent has done for the inmates their. After the Superintended Mike Hafemann took over after the sheriff, he brought back activities that will encourage inmates to work for a successful life after their release date. In doing this he believed that he would have less inmates returning to serve another sentence. 

I am so glad that so many of you were able to make it. Superintended Hafemann said that you all were a great group. Maybe some of you will end up working for him one day! I can't wait to take the next trip to the windy city (Chicago). Until next time, have a safe and fun spring break!!
RA Amandla

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