Monday, March 10, 2014

Asian Student Union

Hi my name is Alyssa Reum and I am the fundraiser and volunteer chair for Asian Student Union. Asian Student Union is a student organization that appreciates the different cultures of Asia through song, dance, food, games, and more. We hold meetings bi-weekly on which we learn about different Asian cultures and develop family-like bonds with one another. We strive to be more than a student organization, we strive to be family.

Our meetings can get a little crazy sometimes, especially when we start a game of NINJA.

When I ask people to attend something related to ASU, most people respond with "...but I'm not Asian." Asian Student Union welcomes students from ALL ethnic backgrounds! Every year ASU holds Cultural Entertainment Night during the spring semester. Cultural Entertainment Night consists of dances, songs, fashion, and fun from all over the world. 

KPOP Dance

 Hmong Dance
Fashion Show

Members of ASU attend MAASU every year which is a conference for college students from all over the Mid-West to network and take workshops on different issues affecting the Asian population.
ASU members decorating shirts for MAASU

And last but not least I would like for you to join ASU on April 19th, 2014 for Cultural Entertainment Night!

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