Monday, March 10, 2014

Fun in the "almost-sun"

Hello my top-koality blog readers,

It's that time: Spring is around the corner, squirrels are running around campus, and the LLC is leaving the floor. Yes, it's been a cold winter but now that it's starting to warm up, we are venturing out and about all around Milwaukee!

I have BIG plans for the rest of this semester: trips to coffee shops, festivals, outdoor movie showings and eventually CHICAGO. But right now I wanted to highlight a trip we took this month to the Milwaukee Art Museum and a showing of the Iliad in downtown Milwaukee.
At the Museum (photo cred: Kate Greskoviak)
I did a little research and found that the Milwaukee Art Museum is free the first Thursday of every month. Coincidentally, the Honors College purchased tickets for Honors students to watch the Iliad at the Repertory Theater, I knew that a bunch of us were planning on seeing it. Knowing that I have quite a few art enthusiasts on the floor, I decided to plan a day around a trip to the Art Museum and the Iliad show
In front of the MAM
The art museum just opened an exhibit entitled Uncommon Folk Art featuring over 600 pieces of eclectic folk art. Once we got there, some of us decided that we had to see that exhibit; we parted ways with our honors friends who wanted to see other exhibits and the rest of us spent some time looking at these eclectic pieces of art. The art was absolutely beautiful and I loved the umbrellas with snake designs and the art made from bottle caps!
Playbill of the show
After spending a few hours at the museum, those of us who had tickets walked over to the Repertory Theater to watch a one-man rendition of the epic poem The Iliad. By the end of the show my Honors LLCers and I were exhausted: there was so much emotion, suspense and awe packed into this 1 hour and 45 min production and we were all left speechless. We were all so grateful to the Honor College for letting us see this play!

I am excited to see how the next two months pan out. I can't believe the semester (and year!) is almost over. It feels like just yesterday the LLC was in shorts getting to know campus, and now we are getting to know Milwaukee!

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