Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Panel of Allied Health Professionals

Panel of Allied Health Professionals (Milwaukee FUN!)
Panel: RN-BSN (3), Radiologic Technology (2), Occupational Therapy (1), and Physical Therapy (2)
For our allied health professions event, RA Jonathan Rooney and RA Haley Correll from the Health professions LLC teamed up with College of Nursing representative, Robin Jens, and College of Health Sciences advisor, Joel Spiess to create the healthcare panel. Robin Jens was able to contact and invite three UWM alumni registered nurses  to speak at the event in the specialities of: community nursing, cardiology, and neonatal nursing. Joel Spiess contacted current UWM students from both graduate and clinical programs within the College of Health sciences; the graduate students were two physical therapists and one occupational therapist while the clinical students included two students in the radiologic technology program. After giving a brief "day-in-the-life" run-through and introductions, the presenters split up into groups with residents of the Health Professions LLC according to career areas of interest. This was an excellent local event that gave residents of the Health Professions LLC something to aspire to as well as a medium to voice their questions.

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