Monday, April 21, 2014

The Milwaukee Public Museum

The city of Milwaukee provides a wide array of things for people to do. One of the many exciting things in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The MPM is filled with tons of interesting, hands-on exhibits. Some of the highlights include The Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit, which is a replica of what the city looked like during the 1800s, as well as replicas of typical cultural homes during that time. Another cool exhibit is the Butterfly Garden, featuring over 1,000 different species of butterflies. Currently the MPM is featuring the world famous Body Worlds Exhibit, showcasing the human body through different stages of life. 

The Milwaukee Public Museum is located on Wells St in downtown, which is only a quick bus ride away! You can take the 30 right in front of Sandburg and it drops off a block away from the museum. General admission tickets are $15, and the first Thursday of every month is free to Milwaukee county residents!

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