Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of the year review

This Pre-Professional LLC started of the year very rocky, with no stakeholders, mentors or a classroom for each of these residents to connect to one another. I began to think that this was going to be a difficult year for this group of residents because they would not get the whole Living Learning Community that they were looking for. But, I was wrong. This group of residents came out of the gate strong, being a little shy to one another they slowly ventured into the lounge, getting out of their comfort zones and talking to other residents of the floor. Shortly after they found out that they all had very similar interests they began taking classes with each other in their second semester forming study groups. Now, I would say that each resident has made a handful of connections on this floor for the future.
Planning events this year was a little difficult with this floor. Some events would get a great turn out while others might have been a big goose egg (zero). But, the ones that these residents did come to made it an even better one with their positive energy and the stories that they have shared with me are great. Some times I did not even need to make an event to see a group of residents in the lounge. From ghost stories to their stories of their past, I really enjoyed this group of residents. With the end of the semester not far away and with their move-out shortly after I am going to miss them. I hope to remain connected to them in the future to see how they are doing (even if they still see me as their RA till graduation).

Good luck with the rest of the semester everyone, you're almost done with your first year!


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